Downloading a video from YouTube is not hard as people think. There are plenty of website (tools) which give us facility to download videos from YouTube directly.

You also can save or download a video on YouTube app but the problem is that you only can play or watch the video only from the app, it is not saved on your phone storage or memory card.

You also can download apps such as SnapTube, but I do not like these app because they contain a lot of ads which annoy me very much.

You do not need an app to download a YouTube video instead you can directly head over to a YouTube Video Downloader website and just put your video link here and you can easily download the video.

There are many such website but same as like the app, some of them contain many ads and therefore we get frustrated. So, I searched for a website that does not contain much ad and from where you can easily download YouTube video. Just click on the link given below and enter the URL of video you want to download.

To download a YouTube video Click Here, and place the URL there.

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